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SHARE The Dance Intensive is a dance program, dedicated to professional and pre-professional dancers, movers, and performers, aged 16+, with a strong contemporary, ballet, or any other methods and techniques, showing the powerfulness of your art in relation to dance.

SHARE Workshops and SHARE Intensives applications must be filled in through our online application form found on each SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop webpages. You can not apply by email and/or via social media.​ Your application is legally binding, therefore, you can not give your application to someone else.​ All future participants, with no exception, must complete our application form by filling in their details and including:

1) A maximum 1 min video link (Youtube or Vimeo) regardless of previous attendance. (No downloadable file).

  • No group stage videos performances.

  • No choreographic material learned from any of the choreographers represented at SHARE The Dance Intensive.​

2) A resume or CV.

Application is deemed to constitute acceptance by the applicant of the terms and conditions as well as the house rules of the venues. In the event that the house rules of a venue contain rules that differs from these general terms and conditions, such house rules shall prevail. Those parts of the general terms and conditions which are not affected by the house rules remain in effect unchanged.​ Make sure to be accepted before applying to any grant or scholarship. SHARE The Dance Intensive does not provide scholarship.

SHARE The Dance intensive do not give written and oral feedback on our selection decision.

SHARE The Dance Intensive reserve the right to banne any participant who over exceed applications for the sake of approval responses only.


If for any reason, our scheduled teacher would occur to be in the incapacity to teach to our event, SHARE The Dance Intensive, reserves the rights to substitute teachers.


SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop accepted applicants will be notified by email, and invited to connect to our secure payment page to finalize your registration. Applicants will not be entitled to a place until the tuition fee has been paid in full. The secure payment page is private, and solely for you, anyone sharing the page link will find itself dismissed and banned from SHARE The Dance Intensive.

Minors must fill in our parental consent form requested at checkout.


Due to the tremendous amount of applications and the low fee of our events, we require 1 week (7days) to pay your tuition, then, your application is automatically deleted, allowing others applicant the possibilities to participate. If you need more time to finalise your payment, a 15 days extension can be requested by email in response to our approval email. Payment extensions can be requested one time only! After this 3 weeks allowance, if your payment is not completed, your application is automatically deleted.

A month prior SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop extension payment are not permitted. 

Receipts of payment can be requested only once the event(s) took place by email at:


For SHARE Intensive, your schedule will be sent to you by email at the latest two week prior to the intensive. SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to make changes in the schedule if needed, so please reserve your FULL day.

For SHARE Workshop, simply refer to the time set on the event ticket you received by email. Do not forget to include extra time for your admission and personal warmup.

SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop start promptly on time, any latecomers will be refused. No refund will be performed.

SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to modify if needed for the good of the program, the order of SHARE Intensive, or it's composition, teachers, choreographers. etc.

Group assignment

For SHARE Intensive, you will be assigned to a group A or B to respect a comfortable number of participants per group in the dance studio. Once your group has been assigned, it is not possible to change.

SHARE Intensive workshop extension

For SHARE Intensive, a workshop extensions allows you to double the time of your workshop from 4 hours to 8 hours for an extra fee of 25€ each. By buying an extension, you will learn more choreographic material and work the whole day (8 hours) with our dancers. The possibility of extending your workshop depends upon the availability at the time of the intensive.​ Your request(s) can be made from the day you receive your convocation documents or during the intensive. Extensions are payable prior to your participation and is not refundable.


Any participant who attend any SHARE The Dance Intensive's events, are responsible and insure taking it at it's own risk.​ In the event that medical circumstances are known, which would constitute a risk for the participant, participation is expressly forbidden.


SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to exclude from the workshop, any participants who fail to abide by the house rules and/or who deliberately disturb the room or act disrespectfully toward any SHARE The Dance Intensive's member, in any other manner. The fee will not be refunded.


SHARE The Dance Intensive does not assume any liability for damage, injury or loss. Insurance is not included in the price of any of our SHARE the Dance intensive's event. SHARE The Dance Intensive's liability for any disadvantages resulting from damage, injury or loss is excluded.


No accident, travel or health insurance is covered by SHARE The Dance Intensive for participants during the workshops and intensives. You are responsible for your own accident, travel and health insurance. Some travel insurance now cover risk for COVID 19 such as:


SHARE The Dance Intensive does not assume any liability for loss of objects of any kind whatsoever.

Explanations, information and details given by the workshop leader or any SHARE The Dance Intensive members, only serve the direct purpose of performing the workshop or intensive in question and cannot be construed to support any liability claims.


In the event of a disturbance or accident, the participants is obliged to take all reasonable measures in order to contribute towards the elimination of such damage or disturbance. SHARE The Dance Intensive's liability is limited to gross negligence and intent.

House Rules

During any SHARE The Dance Intensive's events, it is forbidden to.

  • Enter the dance studios with outdoor shoes.

  • To eat in the dance studios.

  • To enter the dance studio with glass bottles.

  • The costs of any repairing damages to dance floors (especially black marks from soles) must be borne by the person who caused it.

  • It is forbidden taking photographs and videos recording during any SHARE Workshops and SHARE Intensives. Any exceptions request will be subject to the decision of SHARE The Dance Intensive and arranged by an agreement in writing. Exceptions can be granted for media, tv, etc. Any use of images, text or other content used at SHARE The Dance Intensive workshops and intensive, without written permission is expressly forbidden. Non-compliances will be subject to criminal prosecution and civil claims.

Photos & Videos

During SHARE workshops and SHARE IntensivesSHARE The Dance Intensive takes photos and video recording for communication material purposes such has our annual trailer. Such material is used without the disclosure of any personal data. By applying to our events, the participant consents to this. The participant cannot claim access to the film and photo material recorded.

Data protection

Data such as e-mails and personals information given in our form(s), are not subject to any encryption. A risk that information sent can be viewed by a third parties is possible, therefore, it is paramount to not send any passwords, credit card numbers or similar information(s) which you wish to protect. Any data will be handled and processed within the scope of the applicable data protection laws according to section 33 (1) of the german data protection act [§ 33 abs. 1 bundesdatenschutzgesetz], you are hereby informed that your personal data will be stored in machine-readable form. the data will not be passed on to any third party. The disclosure of contact data of our participants, workshops leaders, etc. is prohibited under data protection law


SHARE The Dance Intensive is not subsidized. It is a private, self-run and self-funded project, relying directly on our intensives, workshops and online classes to sustain our teachers fees, costs, travels, accommodations and the choreographers fees. A 15€ unrefundadle fee is included in every SHARE Intensive and SHARE workshop's fee. SHARE The Dance Intensive has the exclusivity to offer each workshop with a duration of 4 to 5 hours a day, compared to others in europe, offering a workshop duration of 2h to 2h30min only!

SHARE Intensive's workshops program, comes to 27,50€ an hour when booking "A LA CARTE" and 24,68€ when booking the entire program. Much affordable for longer working time, making the best out of it and getting the chance to really explore methods and repertoire, so often lightly experience over a 2h to 2h30min workshop.

SHARE Workshop, comes to 13€ an hour, for 3 days of deep work dedicated to one choreographer. It is an exclusivity.

COVID-19 Guidelines

We will allow dancers from all over the world. Check via the government website which rules apply to your country for entry in Germany if you come from abroad. GOVERNMENTAL TRAVEL RESTRICTION.  Each SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop will be delivered in accordance to the COVID-19 governmental conditions/restrictions applicable at the date of the event. During SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop, hygienic house rules in accordance with our partner DOCK 11 Eden ***** will have to be followed and will be delivered to our accepted participants by email before their arrival.


Regular Cancelation by SHARE The Dance Intensive

In the event of a low percentage of participants required for the good functioning of SHARE Intensive or SHARE WorkshopsSHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to cancel any of it's event(s) 1 week = (7 days) before the event date. In the event of such, it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance intensive, to repay the participant it’s fee minus a 15€ administrative fee. SHARE The Dance Intensive do not take responsibilities for any costs that have been made, for travel, food, housing or other cost involved to take part of our event(s).

If by reason or act of god beyond the control of SHARE The Dance IntensiveSHARE Intensive(s) or SHARE workshop(s), set out are canceled, it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance Intensive, to repay the participant it’s fee minus a 15€ administrative fee. SHARE The Dance Intensive do not take responsibilities for any costs that have been made, such as travel, food, housing or other cost involved to take part of our event(s).

If a segment (workshop) of SHARE Intensive comes to be canceled, an alternative course or workshop or training will be arranged, if not it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance intensive, to repay the participant the portion of that segment minus a 15€ administrative fee. SHARE The Dance Intensive do not take responsibilities for any costs that have been made, for travel, food, housing or other cost involved to take part of our event(s).

COVID-19 Cancelation by SHARE The Dance Intensive

Should the regulations change in Berlin, Paris or London facing the COVID-19 pandemic or any other measure inflected  by the pandemic, forcing SHARE The Dance Intensive to cancel SHARE Intensive(s) or SHARE Workshop(s) it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance Intensive, to repay the participant it’s fee minus a 15€ administrative fee.


In case SHARE The Dance Intensive would be subject to governmental restrictions applicable at the time of the event, or any other measures needed to be taken for the safety of our participants, forcing us to postpone, we will reschedule the event at a later date.


  • For SHARE Workshop / DV8 Physical Theatre the postpone proposed option will be in Berlin September 20th-22nd or 24th-26th at DOCK 11 Eden *****, or a refund or a voucher to be used to any of our other upcoming SHARE Workshop.

  • For SHARE Intensive Paris 2021 the postpone proposed option will be in Berlin for SHARE Intensive Berlin 2022 February 14th - 20th 2022 at DOCK 11 Eden *****, or a refund or a voucher to be used to any of our other upcoming SHARE Workshop.

Cancelation by the participant

To cancel your application and opt for a refund from the timeline from our refund policies, you must complete our refund form. Any request made by Facebook , Instagram, or telephone call or messages will not be accepted.

Should you have to cancel for sickness, injuries or for travel restrictions from your point of origin due to COVID-19 Pandemic, mean you are unable to attend to our event(s) you a registered for, our regular cancellations timelines follow as per the paragraph below will apply.

Refund Policies

- If you cancel up to 2 month prior to the first day of the event you will be refunded at 50%

- If you cancel until a month prior to the first day of the event you will be refunded at 35%

- If you cancel until 2 weeks prior to the first day of the event you will be refunded at 20%  

- No refund possible within two week (336 hours) before the first day of the event.

All refunds, transferred by SHARE The Dance Intensive are refunded minus the Stripe service fee deducted at time of payment by Stripe.

Unfortunately, we can make no exceptions to these rules, not even in case of injury before or during the workshop. Please check your travel insurance. In case a refund is applicable the payment will take place within 4 weeks.


You wish or need to cancel your application and do not want to opt for the refund option. Turn your SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop application into a voucher. Your request can be made until 1 month (4 weeks) prior the first day of the event and made through our form. After that period no vouchers request will be accepted but only our refund policies. 

Voucher Policies.

  • Vouchers and complimentary fee are not refundable or partially refundable. e.i I decide to turn my SHARE Intensive application into a voucher, and buy 2 x SHARE Workshops with it. A price difference need to be paid to complement the total price of the 2x SHARE Workshops regular price. The difference fee is as well no refundable.

  • Vouchers can not be used to our online classes. 

  • Vouchers can only be use toward SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop

  • Your voucher can only be used by the same applicant.

  • Your voucher is only valid for 1 year (365 Days), taking place from reception of your form request.

  • If you do not use the totality of your voucher, you will beneficiate of a credit equal to the difference unused, to use it toward SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop


SHARE The Dance Intensive do not deliver any certificate of participation, nor a diploma. We highly support the usage of our educational program as part of a resume / CV as we consider our acceptance to take part in SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop being a form of recognition of aptitude.

Online Classes Policy

All our online classes are not refundable.

SHARE The Dance Intensive reserve the right to change, alter and modify this general terms and conditions with no further notice anytime.


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