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Application Process

SHARE The Dance Intensive is open to professional and pre-professional dancers, movers, and performers, aged 16 +, with a strong contemporary, ballet technique or any other methods showing the powerfulness of your art in relation to dance.

All participants must complete our application form found on each SHARE Intensive or SHARE Workshop pages. 

The followings must be included in your application

A Maximum 1 min video link (regardless of previous attendance to any of our events.) ( NO DOWNLOADABLE FILE. ONLY VIDEO LINK )


Your video link must show your passion, experience(s) and technique for movement and your skills in dance. 

We kindly ask:




We recommande:


 Your resume / CV. (NO FAKE RESUME! We have encountered this situation before. Doing so, will have you banned from SHARE The  Dance Intensive.


Minors must fill in our parental consent form requested at checkout once accepted to participate in any of our events.


  • MAKE SURE TO BE ACCEPTED BEFORE APPLYING FOR ANY GRANT OR SCHOLARSHIP. ( SHARE the Dance Intensive does not provide scholarship )

Application Limit

Since 2019, SHARE The Dance Intensive limits the number of applications one participant can send "IF" this same participant has continuously applied to several of our events without following through after being accepted. 

We consider SHARE The Dance Intensive an extraordinary opportunity to develop your skills, artistry, and much more. Many people wish to take part in this journey with us, so please apply if you are fully invested and interested in taking part in this journey.


If for any reason, our scheduled teacher would occur to be in the incapacity to teach to our event,  SHARE The Dance Intensive, reserves the rights to change teachers.


Once you have been accepted to take part of SHARE Intensive, we will invite you to connect to our payment page to finalize your registration by paying your tuition fee according to what you applied for.


This page is private, and solely for you. Anyone sharing this page will find themself dismissed and banned from SHARE The Dance Intensive.


Due to the tremendous amount of applications and the low fee of our events, we require only 1 week to pay your tuition, after that, your application is automatically deleted. This process allow a turnover of applications, and avoid holds, allowing everyone the possibilities to participate.


If you need more time to finalize your payment, send us an email in response to our acceptance email. Payment extensions can be requested one time for a 15 days extra allowance if we have been previously informed.

After your one time 15 day request allowance payment, you application is place on waiting list if possible or canceled accordingly to the demande of the event you are trying to get a spot to.


Your schedule will be sent by to you email at the latest two week prior to the intensive.  SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to make changes in the schedule if needed, so please reserve your FULL day.

Group Assignment

For SHARE Intensive, you will be assigned to a group A or B to respect the number of participants per group and not overcrowd the dance studio. Once your group has been assigned, it is not possible to change.

The group countdown in our homepage bandeaux, does not give or announce any information on the time slot mentioned on the event page.

SHARE Intensive workshop extension

A workshop extensions, allow you to double the time of your workshop for 25€ each.


The possibility of extending is dependent upon availability at the time of request.

Your request(s) can be made from the day you receive your convocation documents or during the intensive. Extentions are payable prior to your participation and is not refundable.


Fees, Cancelation, Refund Policies

SHARE The Dance Intensive has the exclusivity to offer each workshop with a duration of 4 to 5 hours a day,, compared to others in europe, offering a workshop duration of 2h to 2h30min only!

SHARE Intensive's workshops program, comes to 27,50€ an hour when booking "A LA CARTE" and 24,68€ when booking the entire program. Much affordable for longer working time, making the best out of it and getting the chance to really explore methods and repertoire, so often lightly experience over a 2h to 2h30min workshop.

SHARE Workshop, comes to 13€ an hour, for 3 days of deep work dedicated to one choreographer. It is an exclusivity !! 

SHARE The Dance Intensive is not subsidized. It is a private, self-run, self-funded project, relying directly on our intensives, workshops and online classes to sustain our dance studio rental fees, teachers fees, travels and accommodations fees and the choreographers rights fees.


Since September 2020, our refund policies has change to ensure the continuation of SHARE The Dance Intensive and the maintenances of the exclusivity and work we have built and achieved since 2017 with our partners and the choreographers we represents.

COVID-19 Guide Lines

We will allow dancers from all over the world. Check via the government website which rules apply to your country for entry in Germany in you come from abroad. GOVERNMENTAL TRAVEL RESTRICTION 

Each SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop will be delivered in accordance to the COVID-19 governmental conditions/restriction applicable at the date of the event.

During SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop, hygienic rules in accordance with our partner DOCK 11 Eden ***** will have to be followed and will be delivered to our accepted participants by email before their arrival.


Regular Cancelation

If by reason or act of god beyond the control of SHARE The Dance Intensive or a second party contractor or its partners, SHARE Intensive(s) or SHARE workshop(s), set out are canceled, it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance intensive, to repay the participant 75% of it’s fee.

SHARE The Dance Intensive do not take responsibilities for any costs that have been made, such as travel, food, housing or other cost involved to take part of our event(s).

COVID-19 Cancelation

Should the regulations change in Berlin, Paris or London facing the COVID-19, any cancelled SHARE Intensive(s) or SHARE Workshop(s) it is the obligation to SHARE The Dance intensive, to repay the participant 75% of it’s fee.


In Case SHARE Intensive Berlin 21 would be cancel due to governmental restrictions applicable at the time of the event, forcing us to cancel, we will prioritize the option of a re-scheduling. Or either a refund or a transfer of application to SHARE Intensive in Paris 2021 in partnership with the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris

Should travel restrictions from your point of origin, mean you are unable to attend to any of our event(s), regular cancellations timelines follow as per the paragraph below will apply.

- If you cancel between the date of your payment, to 2 month prior the first day of the intensive: you will be refunded at 75%

- If you cancel until a month prior the first day of the intensive: you will be refunded at 50%

- If you cancel within the month prior the first day of the intensive you will be refunded at 20%  

- No refund possible one week (168 hours) before the first day of the intensive.


It is not possible to transfer your missed event to any other SHARE intensive, SHARE Workshop, Online classes nor give your place to a friend if you can not make it.

Any participant executing the right to grant permission to another person in their place, will be refused at our admission. 


SHARE The Dance Intensive does not deliver certificate of participation, nor a diploma.


We highly support the usage of our educational program as part of a resume / CV as we consider our acceptance to take part in SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop being a form of recognition of aptitude. 

Online Classes

All our online classes are not refundable.

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